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Here is the ridiculous 2,590-horsepower SRT Tomahawk hypercar, coming in 2035

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Fiat Chrysler and Sony first teased the SRT Tomahawk last week, but now, the over-the-top hypercar is official — all 2,590 horsepower of it.

The automaker envisions the Tomahawk as a 2035 model year vehicle, which means you've got another 20 years to wait. The one loophole, of course, is that it's available this summer as a downloadable car for GT6 on the PlayStation 3, a new addition to Polyphony Digital's long-running Vision Gran Turismo partnership with real car companies to make digital concepts come to life. And what a concept: the SRT Tomahawk comes in three versions — street, racing, and "experimental technology" — ranging from 1,007 up to a mind-boggling 2,590 horsepower. In top trim, FCA envisions the car reaching 404 miles per hour. Even in a game, that's white-knuckle speed on any racetrack in the world.

That muscle comes from a V-10 (the Viper's signature engine type) paired with a pneumatic system that drives the wheels, manages retractable aerodynamic panels, modifies the suspension rate, and can even pressurize a g-suit for the driver — yes, a g-suit, like you might find a fighter pilot wearing.

So, yeah, this isn't your present-day supercar. But we like where Chrysler's head is at with this one.

SRT Tomahawk photos