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Disney Playmation lets you dress up and play as Iron Man

Disney Playmation lets you dress up and play as Iron Man

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Disney has never been shy about leveraging its properties across every possible medium, and if Disney Infinity isn't enough for your gaming needs the company has announced a new toy platform that seeks to bridge the divide between physical products and mobile apps. At an event this morning in Los Angeles, the company announced Playmation, a new platform it has created in partnership with Hasbro that will be launching later this year with a playset based around The Avengers. A Star Wars version is coming next year, with the ever-popular Frozen following in 2017.

Star Wars and Frozen are coming soon

Playmation's first set, the Avengers Starter Pack, consists of a physical, body-worn costume element — it's launching with an Iron Man "repulsor" arm piece, with Hulk fists coming later — that works in conjunction with an assortment of physical base stations, "smart figures," and an external smartphone app called AvengersNet that lets kids keep track of their progress and access new missions. The arm pieces are armed with accelerometers and shake feedback to immerse kids in the play, and they doesn't depend on the internet, so they can take their toys wherever they want and play.

Kids will get a Captain America figure and Red Skull figure to start things off, and can purchase other Marvel characters like Black Widow, Loki, Falcon, and Ultron to round out their collections.

The first Playmation avail for pre order on July 7th, and will hit stores this October starting at $119.99.