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The first teaser for Pixar's The Good Dinosaur is here

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Delays to Pixar's The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory meant that 2014 was the first year since 2005 without a Pixar feature film. However, 2015 is shaping up better for Pixar fans — Inside Out is set to hit theaters in a few weeks, and The Good Dinosaur appears to have worked through its production troubles and is set for release this November. As such, we're getting our first look at the film today via a minute-long teaser trailer.

Judging from this clip, the original premise from several years ago remains intact: what would happen if the asteroid that destroyed all of the planet's dinosaurs millions of years ago... didn't actually hit the earth? That premise is amusingly visualized in the trailer as a herd of dinos watch a huge comet-like asteroid blaze overheard. From there, hijinks ensue. The Good Dinosaur will be out in theaters on November 25th, 2015.