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Google has the Nexus 6 on sale for $499 right now

Google has the Nexus 6 on sale for $499 right now

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If you want to try Project Fi — or simply want to get your hands on Google's pure vision of what a smartphone should be — now's a good time to pick up the Nexus 6. As part of a "dads and grads" promotion, the Nexus 6 is currently on sale for only $499, down $150 from its usual price. That comes with 32GB of storage; the 64GB version comes in at $549. Either way, Google is also offering free shipping. That's a good $50 cheaper than the deal T-Mobile put into place a few weeks ago, making Google the best source to pick up this gargantuan smartphone.

The company has a few other sales in its device store right now: the Nexus 9 comes with $50 of Google Play credit, the Nexus player is is $79 out the door (a discount of $20), the Moto 360 is on sale for $150 (a price point the smartwatch has hit pretty frequently lately), and the Sony Smartwatch 3 got a $50 price cut to $199.99. There's no word on how long these "limited time" deals will last, so you're probably better off hustling if you're interested.

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