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Amazon is overhauling its reviews system

Amazon is overhauling its reviews system

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Amazon is testing out a new system to surface the best customer reviews for products, CNET reports.

Starting its rollout in the US on Friday, the system gives "more weight to newer reviews, reviews from verified Amazon purchasers and those that more customers vote up as being helpful," according to CNET. The changes will also affect starred reviews, which were previously a non-weighted average of all reviews.

Amazon's reviews have inarguably been a major key to the online retailer's success, and as Recode points out, the new system may be a way for the company to crack down on another thorn in its side: bogus, commissioned reviews. In April, Amazon filed lawsuits against websites like "," which it alleged were trying to profit by gaming the system.

One can only hope this change does not affect the glory that is Amazon Movie Reviews: