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This Instagram profile is one giant canvas of pop culture

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If they showed up in your Instagram stream, micahnotfound's photos wouldn't look like anything spectacular. They'd look cool of course — bright colors, collages, paper cutouts, and pop culture references galore — but they wouldn't look amazing. That's because the photos are meant to be viewed from the artist's profile, all at once. It's one big scrollable canvas.

Each image lines up with the images surrounding it, like every photo is a piece of the puzzle. And, as you scroll down the profile, you'll notice it's like a timeline of pop culture. The most recent images nod to the NBA finals and Jurassic World, then comes the Full House reboot, then a mash-up of the Academy Awards. It's really fun, and it goes on for an impressive amount of time. If you haven't already, go look at it now.