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Sony's super thin Android-powered 4K TVs will start at $2,499

Sony's super thin Android-powered 4K TVs will start at $2,499

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We first saw Sony's 2015 range of super thin 4K TVs at CES 2015, where the Android-powered sets impressed us with their super thin screens, almost bezel-less construction, and impressive Ultra HD panels. Now five months after the show, the Japanese company has finally announced pricing for three of its new models, each coming in significantly cheaper than the $7,999 it's charging for its XBR-75X940C 4K flagship. The 55-inch X900C will retail for $2,499, with the 65-inch version available for $3,999, while the X910C — boasting a bigger 75-inch screen — will cost $5,499. All three TVs will launch in July.

The 75-inch X910C will cost $5,499

The pricing means that Sony's new models won't be competing with the likes of Vizio for the entry-level 4K TV market, but the company said earlier this year that it was confident its Ultra HD TVs stood above their rivals. In The Verge's own experience with the X-series at CES this year, Sony's X series offer inky blacks, impressively bright colors, and OLED-rivaling contrast, on a 0.2-inch screen that's probably thinner than the smartphone in your pocket.


But however nice the new TVs are, their prohibitively high pricetags mean they're unlikely to turn Sony's fortunes around as the company searches for profitability. Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said earlier this year that he would not rule out moving the company out of the TV industry entirely as its mobile and home entertainment divisions continue to flounder.