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Sony's new PlayStation 4 arrives with 1TB of storage next month

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Microsoft's Xbox One isn't the only console getting a storage upgrade. Sony today announced its new PlayStation 4 1TB Ultimate Player Edition, a new version of the console that comes with twice the hard drive space of the previous model. The new console is coming to Japan before the end of June, Europe on July 15th, and North America in the same month. Sony has not yet provided pricing information for the new machines, suggesting instead that you check with your local retailer.

Sony has yet to provide US release details

In addition to a bigger hard drive, The new console is a slight technological improvement on the previous model, weighing in at 10 percent lighter and using 8 percent less power than the 500GB PS4. The new console's hard drive bay is also now decked out with a matte finish, a stylistic choice Sony says somehow makes the system look more "casual," as if the current shiny finish was trying too hard. The new console comes in both white and black variants, with neither looking as nice as the console's 20th anniversary edition.

The existence of a new PS4 Ultimate Player Edition was rumored earlier this month when FCC filings were uncovered that pointed to a console with a bigger hard drive in development at Sony. A bundle with the same name that appeared to include both a PS4 console and a PlayStation Vita also appeared on Amazon France for €579.99 ($657). Such a bundle that combined both devices could have helped drive sales of Sony's flagging handheld, but today's announcement makes no mention of the Vita, referring only to the increased storage capacity of the PS4 itself.

The Japanese company also used today to roll out changes to its PlayStation companion app. The software, available on iOS and Android, now lets you redeem gift codes without powering your console on and displays comments received from viewers while you're streaming.