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You can now preorder the Pebble Time

You can now preorder the Pebble Time

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Best Buy has opened up preorders for the Pebble Time smartwatch, and it's the only place to get one if you didn't participate in the record-shattering Kickstarter campaign. The retailer is selling Pebble Time in black, red, and white, with each priced at $199.99.

Current shipping estimates suggest that Best Buy will start delivering the smartwatch sometime in July, though this target could obviously be moved up or pushed back. In-store availability is also in the plans, but Best Buy isn't yet specifying when you'll be able to walk in, drop $200, and leave with Pebble's second-generation wearable.

Before putting your name down for a preorder, definitely read through our full review of the Pebble Time to see how it stacks up against Android Wear, the Apple Watch, and other smartwatches. It's not quite as ambitious or polished as rival products, but for some people, the Time's features may cover all the essentials — and do those things at a lower price.