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Make your own 'To Apple, Love Taylor' letter

Make your own 'To Apple, Love Taylor' letter


Imagining a world where Taylor Swift gets mad about USB Type-C

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Taylor Swift is probably pretty happy right now. After she posted an open letter calling for Apple to pay artists during the Apple Music free trial, it took less than a day for Apple to capitulate and agree to her terms. The lesson here is obvious: Taylor Swift can get Apple to do things for us. Maybe Taylor Swift can fix anything — her powers are not yet near their apex.

But before we ask her to solve world hunger, there are a lot of little things we'd like Apple to fix. Things like confusing notifications, auto-rotation, and battery life. Things we believe Taylor Swift can make happen. So here, for your amusement, is a tool to generate suggested open letters we'd like to see next. Submitted with love, of course.