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Foursquare finally brings mayorships and true competition to Swarm

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Checking in feels like fun again

One of the best things about the old Foursquare has made its way back to Swarm: mayorships. You can now compete with users everywhere for the most check-ins at any business listed in the app, earning badges and bragging rights in the process. It's a surprisingly addicting feature that once made Foursquare feel much more like a real competition or game between everyone in your city — before the company split into two apps, that is.

But Foursquare has heard user feedback and steadily recovered from that rocky relaunch. Both apps have seen iterative improvements in recent months, and in May Foursquare confirmed that it would soon restore global mayorships to Swarm. Updates for both Android and iOS have officially arrived, and you'll likely discover that your recent check-ins already count toward earning you that coveted spot and mayor's crown. Swarm also now makes it easier to gloat on Facebook or Twitter whenever you take over a mayorship or receive another sticker. These are good changes to see, but they're also coming pretty late; Foursquare's no doubt hoping it can still bring back any users it lost with last year's big shift.