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New Order has a new record called Music Complete

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Seminal British new wave band New Order is preparing to release its first new album in 10 years. The group announced yesterday that Music Complete, an 11-track record that's technically its 10th studio full-length, is due out on September 25th. The band has released a 30-second preview clip of the new record, which it said will "balance" electronics and guitars after the group had previously pushed toward one or the other.

New Order's last full-length record was 2013's Lost Sirens, but the eight-track release isn't seen as a legitimate studio album, with its songs pulled together from offshoots laid down during the recording process for 2005's Waiting for the Siren's Call. The new album will be New Order's first without bassist and co-founder Peter Hook, who departed from the band unceremoniously in 2007 after announcing the group had split during a radio interview. The announcement was news to the other members of the band, and both parties have since engaged in a snarky war of words, played out in memoirs and autobiographies. But while Hook has gone, Music Complete will see the band welcoming one familiar face back to the fold — keyboardist Gillian Gilbert rejoined the group in 2011 after a 10-year break.