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Making digital time out of analog clocks is mesmerizing

Making digital time out of analog clocks is mesmerizing

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The familiar sight of a wall of analog clocks — the international businessman's favorite emblem of global dynamism — has been subverted into a charming piece of installation art by Stockholm design duo Humans Since 1982. Their concept A Million Times combines a multiplicity of analog clocks into a synchronized kinetic performance, with the clock hands whirling into pulsating shapes and patterns, and then subtly, surprisingly coalescing to form a digital representation of the current time. It's a digital clock made up of dozens of small analog clocks.

The example of the Million Times concept above can now be seen inside London's Ham Yard Hotel, where 135 interconnected clocks dance their merry dance behind a glass wall. But the designers have numerous iterations on the idea, including a circular cluster of clocks superimposed on a stark slab of aluminum. You can see that one below.

And oh yes, there's an app as well.