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The Rock wants to star in a movie based on Rampage, which is the most Rock thing he could do

The Rock wants to star in a movie based on Rampage, which is the most Rock thing he could do

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What do you do after facing off against an earthquake, Jason Statham, and deciding to replace Kurt Russell? If you're Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, you decide to star in a film version of a classic 1980s arcade game. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson is attached to Rampage, which back in the day was a game about a giant werewolf, a giant gorilla, and a giant lizard-but-don't-call-it-Godzilla tearing up a metropolitan city.

It would seem totally in character for somebody like The Rock to play Humanity's Last Chance™ in stopping a giant monster invasion, but there's a theoretical second option as well. In Rampage lore, the three monsters started life as humans named George, Lizzie, and Ralph before they were mutated into horrific beasts. So that opens up the possibility for Johnson to star both as a regular human and a giant, city-destroying creature. Or perhaps the movie will go a step further, and have The Rock play both one of the mutated humans and his identical twin brother, who is expected to save the Monster Rock and stop the cataclysmic destruction — except in the end he's not able to and Human Rock has to watch Monster Rock die. At which point there will not be a dry eye in the house, friends and neighbors.

Of course, it's far too early to say how the storyline will go: according to the Reporter, Non-Stop's Ryan Engle is currently working on the script. There's also no director attached, but with the project reuniting The Rock with both the producer and studio behind San Andreas it's pretty safe to say we know exactly what this movie is going to end up like.

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