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The Independence Day sequel has a new title and set photos

The Independence Day sequel has a new title and set photos


Meet the moon tug

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Director Roland Emmerich has been talking up an Independence Day sequel for years, and that sequel is finally inching its way toward theaters. The movie's title — Independence Day Resurgence — was revealed last night during a livestream with Emmerich and members of the cast, which included returning performers Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman and new addition Liam Hemsworth. The stream also gave viewers some quick looks at some of the technology humankind will be using to fend off the latest extraterrestrial assault on our planet and resources. The movie is scheduled for release on June 24th, 2016, nearly two full decades after the original Independence Day turned July 4th weekend into an annual box office bonanza.

Emmerich & co. aren't shy about doing some world-building

According to Emmerich, Resurgence will mirror our own timeline, picking up 20 years after the conclusion of the first film. The plot traces a global effort to defend and preserve the planet using hybrid human-alien technology. The vehicle pictured below is a "moon tug," a sort of lunar forklift; Hemsworth is its operator, relegated to mining duty after screwing up as an elite fighter pilot. There's still a solid year between this latest piece of promotion and the movie's scheduled release, so there's plenty left to learn about Resurgence, but Emmerich and company clearly aren't shy about doing a bit of advance world-building.

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