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Hulu will offer its subscribers a discount on Showtime

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Hulu is making another big play for cord cutters. It's partnering with Showtime to offer online subscriptions to the network's shows, movies, and live video feeds — everything that's available through its upcoming streaming service — but the subscriptions will be offered at a discount to existing Hulu subscribers. Rather than paying the standard $10.99 per month for online Showtime, Hulu subscribers will only have to pay $8.99 per month (although that's on top of the existing $7.99 per month for Hulu itself). It's a small discount, but it certainly adds up month to month and starts to better position Hulu as the hub for streaming TV that it's always dreamed of being. Appropriately, Showtime's shows and movies will be accessed through the Hulu app.

Hulu is taking a hit on the discount, according to Recode, which means that attracting customers to its core subscription is really the goal here. Hulu is now up to 9 million paying subscribers, and it hopes to begin growing much bigger this year after falling behind competitors like Netflix, which has over 62 million paying subscribers. The Showtime partnership makes Hulu an obvious choice for anyone who's already planning to move their TV subscriptions online. The offer is supposed to go live in July, prior to Showtime's July 12th online launch.