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eBay has banned all auctions and sales of the Confederate flag

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The Confederate flag has seen its last eBay auction. Today the company announced that effective immediately, it's banning all sales of the divisive flag and "its image." eBay joins US retailers Walmart and Sears in doing away with the Confederate flag in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

The suspect in that racially-charged attack, Dylann Roof, posted photos of himself wielding a gun and the Confederate flag — along with other materials outlining his twisted views on white supremacy — before heading to Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church last Wednesday. South Carolina governor Nikki Haley and other local leaders have called for the Confederate flag to be removed from the state's capitol, and a growing chorus is also working to rid popular online stores of the flag, which many view as a symbol of segregation and racism. Following eBay's announcing, Amazon said it too would join other retailers and marketplaces in ending sales; before that happened, Business Insider reported that Confederate flag sales at Amazon had skyrocketed in recent days.