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The Homestar Runner creators are making a new series of animated shorts for Disney

The Homestar Runner creators are making a new series of animated shorts for Disney

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Since beloved internet toon Homestar Runner went on a lengthy hiatus some five years ago, its creators Matt and Mike Chapman have kept themselves busy with a variety of other projects, but today they announced another project that they're doing in partnership with Disney. Two More Eggs is a series of cartoon shorts that'll first appear on the Disney XD YouTube channel and website before eventually airing on the Disney XD cable channel itself. The first three shorts were released today, and subsequent cartoons will be released every Tuesday. Like Homestar Runner, Two More Eggs will be done entirely by The Brothers Chap with no oversight from Disney — they said in a press release that the cartoon is being made with the same autonomy they bring to Homestar Runner.

As for the cartoon itself, it's just as weird as you might expect. There isn't much in the way of plot to speak of — the first three shorts are barely over a minute long each. That's not much time to develop any characters, but the creations are unmistakably from the Brothers Chap — the "CGI Palz" episode feels very much like the ridiculous retro style shown off in any number of Homestar Runner segments, and to some extent all three episodes feel like things that The Cheat might have created on his computer. We're hoping that future shorts have a bit more meat to them, but either way Two More Eggs keeps the absurdist style that worked so well in Homestar Runner intact — albeit it in a tiny dose. How this will affect the mini-resurgence that Homestar Runner has had over the last year or so remains to be seen.