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Amazon is pulling Confederate flag merchandise off its site

Amazon is pulling Confederate flag merchandise off its site

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David McNew/Getty Images

Following eBay's decision to remove all Confederate battle flag items from its shelves, Amazon has just chosen to no longer sell them. The company now joins the likes of Walmart and Sears in removing it outright in the days since the bloody mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina last week.

Sales spiked on Amazon in the last day

Amazon's about-face is significant since it just recently saw sales for the Confederate flag spike in the last day. The sales come during a public outcry for the flag, which currently flies at full mast outside the South Carolina State House, to be taken down, as it serves as a reminder of the nine slain congregants at Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church as well as the country's culturally entrenched racism. South Carolina governor Nikki Haley called for the flag to be taken down this week, joining a litany of political figures condemning the symbol outright.

Amazon may be the biggest retailer to stop sales of the flag yet, but it won't be the last. Flag maker Valley Forge Flag has already stopped production and sales of the flag, and Etsy is reportedly banning the sale of all Confederate-related goods. Even before South Carolina votes to pull it down, the symbol is being torn down as a symbol everywhere else.

Update 5:30pm ET: Google Shopping has also announced that it is pulling Confederate flags from its online store.

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