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One of Minecraft's soundtracks is getting a fancy physical release

One of Minecraft's soundtracks is getting a fancy physical release


From the blocks of the Overworld to your record player

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Minecraft's universe can be overwhelming — it's easy to take little things about the game for granted. That includes its music, which is now being given a change to shine. Electronic label Ghostly International is taking one of the game's soundtracks, 2011's Minecraft Volume Alpha, and giving it a full-fledged physical release on August 21st. The soundtrack is the work of young, prolific German composer Daniel Rosenfeld (aka C418), who has already digitally released compilations of his work via Spotify and Bandcamp. In advance of that physical release, Nerdist premiered a four-song SoundCloud sampler from the compilation, and it's a nice taste of the patient, meditative tracks that help bring the world of Minecraft to life.

Ghostly is no stranger to video game soundtracks

Ghostly is no stranger to releasing video game soundtracks, and C418's compositions are a natural fit given the label's eclectic, electronically inclined roster. The label was responsible for soundtracking last year's PlayStation art adventure Hohokum, which was feted for its engaging and diverse soundtrack. "Ghostly is thrilled to bring the first physical release of this record to longtime Minecraft fans, not to mention share the beautiful, classically minded ambient pieces [with] an entirely new audience," the label said when announcing Minecraft Volume Alpha. They're releasing a standard CD and vinyl edition of the soundtrack, but if you're a serious fan / collector interested in something special, you should move quickly: Ghostly is putting together a 1,000-copy limited-edition release pressed on clear green vinyl and held in a special 3D jacket.