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You can now watch Periscope replays on the web

You can now watch Periscope replays on the web


For 24 hours, anyway

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Since live streams began taking over Twitter feeds earlier this year, a common complaint has been that they end before you could watch them. Periscope did enable replays within 24 hours after a stream ended, but only on its apps for Android and iOS. That changes today with the launch of web replays. Just click a link to a Periscope stream, and once the page opens in your browser, you can hit the play button to re-live the stream.

As Periscope is being adopted by more media and entertainment personalities, it's rapidly building out a feature set that supports them. The next obvious step is to let sites like ours embed these streams on our own sites, and to remove the 24-hour limit for replays. Here's hoping both are coming soon.