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Verge ESP: Taylor Swift, sex apps, and Advantageous director Jennifer Phang

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Alternate title: Liz and Rockets

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On this week's edition of your neighborhood Entertainment and Science Podcast, Emily chats with Jennifer Phang, the director and co-writer of the sci-fi film Advantageous, which makes its Netflix debut this week. The film is both a far-out tale of a very risky brain-swapping procedure, and an emotional mother-daughter story, and Emily and Jennifer talk about the challenges of balancing high concepts with human drama and world-building on an indie budget.

But before that, Liz and Emily discuss rocket landings, Taylor Swift's open letter to Apple, and other entertaining explosions. They also dig into the rise of the quantified sex life and a handful of new apps that claim to improve your bedroom activity. Is an app that counts your thrust rate really going to tell you anything about how good a partner you are? Is the Quantifiable Self complete bullshit? Plus, don't miss this week's new segment: Fun Facts About "Tom's Diner", which, with any luck, will become a recurring feature.

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