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Tumblr TV will rot your mind with GIFs

Tumblr TV will rot your mind with GIFs

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Tumblr has figured out a way to make us all stare at GIFs for even longer. It's created a new area of its site called Tumblr TV, which displays endless streams of GIFs that you tune out to. The site shows nearly full-screen GIFs, which loops a few times before moving on. You can set it up to play GIFs based on a hashtag or a specific blog, but the best thing to do is search for something trippy, sit back, and enjoy.

Tumblr TV is also all about helping Tumblr blogs find and share new GIFs. Any GIF you see can be reblogged or liked, and you can click through to see the account that actually posted the GIF you're staring at. If you don't select a specific hashtag or site, Tumblr TV will just play you whatever GIFs are currently popular, so the feature is very much about spreading GIFs as much as it's about entertaining viewers. It launches today, but you probably shouldn't visit it if you feel like remaining productive.

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