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Amazon's Treasure Truck will drive around Seattle with exclusive discounts

Amazon's Treasure Truck will drive around Seattle with exclusive discounts

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Amazon's taking what it claims are "can't miss" deals on the road in its hometown of Seattle. Today the company announced the Treasure Truck, which will drive around Seattle neighborhoods with one "highly-desirable, limited-quantity" product each day. The truck won't operate non-stop, but Amazon says it'll be running for "several" days each week.

What do these offers look like? Well, Amazon says the first one will be a $99 inflatable paddleboard that normally costs $469.99 for customers unwilling to hunt down the Treasure Truck. Thankfully doing so shouldn't be very difficult; Amazon's mobile app will show users which item is on the truck each day, and will also allow them to pick a time and pre-determined pickup location should they decide to jump on a deal. (You've also got the option of just walking up to the truck and buying that day's item on the spot.)

Amazon isn't saying whether it plans to operate the Treasure Truck outside of Seattle. This approach would work in just about any major US city and basically puts an Amazon billboard on wheels. It could also get Seattle shoppers to open Amazon's app more frequently; you can choose to receive push notifications for every unique item.

But the company could also just keep Treasure Truck a quirky hometown exclusive while focusing on one-hour and same-day delivery efforts at a much wider scale. Other upcoming deals will include an "exclusive, limited-edition" Glassybaby, two porterhouse 24-oz steaks for $20, and a Firmstrong Beach Cruiser bicycle for $99. After that, Amazon is promising a "wide-range of amazing items, such as popular consumer products, hard-to-find and exclusive gourmet foods, items from local producers with a unique story, and more." The truck starts moving on Saturday at 7AM PT.