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Apple Music's strategy for Beats 1: Elton John, Drake, and... Jaden Smith

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A radio station that blends dad rock with Jaden Smith

After a brief kerfuffle with the most powerful star in pop music, Apple has announced an army of music celebrity partners to help launch Apple Music. Beginning June 30th, Apple Music's Beats 1 radio station will roll-out shows starring Drake, Pharrell Williams, Elton John, St. Vincent, Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, Disclosure, and Jaden Smith. The list spans hip-hop, '70s pop, dad rock, electronic, and whatever you call people who enjoy ironically following famous children on Twitter.

These are just a few of the celebs and musicians who, according to The New York Times, will appear between "one- and two-hour programming blocks by established broadcasters." What the celeb shows will sound like remains vague, but the New York Times article provides this tantalizing morsel: "'Elton John's Rocket Hour,' will be an eclectic mix of old songs and new."

Additional celebrities will appear in the more traditional radio sets. The Royal Celebrity Army of the Republic of Apple join DJs Zane Lowe, Ebro Darben, and Julie Adenuga. Lowe's first high-profile interview will be Eminem.

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