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Courtney Love escaped the Paris Uber strike on the back of a motorcycle

Courtney Love escaped the Paris Uber strike on the back of a motorcycle


'Is it legal for your people to attack visitors?'

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Doug Benc/Getty Images

Courtney Love found herself in the middle of a massive anti-Uber strike organized by French taxi unions this morning, and she took to Twitter to rant about it. The musician was apparently traveling from one of Paris' airports into the city when her car was attacked by protesters. Today's strike was organized in protest against Uber's low-cost UberPop service, which French taxi unions say gives an unfair competitive advantage to the ride-hailing app.

Love's tweetstorm began with a message to Kanye West, whom she apparently crossed paths with at the airport. She included a picture of the car's broken window.

She later posted video of the incident to her Instagram page:

Her tweets soon veered into the hyperbolic as the situation unfolded, with Love claiming that her driver was taken "hostage" and appealing to French President François Hollande to intervene. She also likened the atmosphere to a war zone.

Fortunately for everyone, Love eventually paid two men to bring her into Paris on the back of their motorbike, though they were still chased by protesters throwing rocks, according to a tweet she later posted.

Her harrowing experience ended with smiles and peace signs when Love finally arrived in Paris, though she still seems very upset about the whole ordeal. "I'm scared out of my wits," she wrote on an Instagram post this afternoon, before questioning whether Hollande is a "president or libertine." "I can't believe this really just happened," she wrote. "[L]ove French people but your government blows."