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Apple removes Civil War games featuring Confederate flag from App Store

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Apple has removed Civil War games from the App Store featuring the Confederate flag, according to a report from Touch Arcade. Ultimate General: Gettysburg and the Civil War games by developer Hunted Cow no longer appear for sale. A statement from a developer of Ultimate General confirms that the studio's game was removed by Apple.

Apple isn't the only company to pull merchandise featuring the Confederate flag. Following the tragic shooting at Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a movement has called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capital building and a re-evaluation of the nation's relationship with the symbol of the Confederate army. In response, Amazon and eBay have removed or banned Confederate flag merchandise, and Warner Bros. has scrapped plans for toys featuring the banner.

Apple's decision is likely to draw more controversy. Removing games in which the flag plays a historical role is different than forbidding the sale of the flag itself. And Apple has already acquired a reputation for its ham-fisted curation, banning games from the App Store featuring nudity and political statements.

Apple has been contacted for comment on the decision to pull these games, and whether additional games or films featuring the Confederate flag will be removed.