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Nissan made a 600-horsepower Juke, because it can

The only thing more ridiculous than the first Juke-R — a concept version of the Juke shown four years ago with a 485-horsepower GT-R mill — was that Nissan ended up making a few of them for extremely wealthy collectors. Now, Nissan's back with an even crazier version. Sure, why not?

Meet the Juke-R 2.0, which is basically the same as the original, just tweaked to be a little more hardcore. The engine is now the uprated version out of the GT-R NISMO, good for 600 horsepower. On the outside, bodywork is up to 2015 Juke spec with a bunch of new carbon fiber bits; inside, it's the same as before "other than roof lining is now black." Of course, in a car like this, the interior isn't really the focal point.

The 2.0 debuts at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, where it'll participate in the event's famous hill climb. It's technically a concept for now, but Nissan said the same thing about the original Juke-R — and then the company ended up rolling a few off the line for several hundred thousand dollars apiece.


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