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Boo the Confederate flag until it burns in browser game BooFlag

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BooFlag, a browser game in which audibly booing a cartoon Confederate flag will cause it to lower and combust, is the latest work of satire from Italian developer Molleindustria. According to a blog post on the developer's site, the game is a reaction to Slate's "Giving Up on Control," a story that highlighted how America's attention turned toward the Confederate flag following the recent tragic shooting in Charleston, rather than the seemingly impossible effort to improve gun control. In BooFlag, booing the flag long enough triggers a win screen exclaiming, "Good job! Institutional racism and epidemic gun violence probably addressed."

BooFlag is described as an unofficial sequel to Americlap, a browser game in which the player must continuously clap to prevent an American flag from lowering to the ground. Molleindustria is known for short games with biting social commentary, including the App Store banned Phone Story, which chronicled the corporate abuses committed to produce and sell smartphones. Coincidentally, today Apple pulled a handful of Civil War games featuring the Confederate flag from the App Store.