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Watch a new trailer for NBC's upcoming Heroes reboot

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'We can be rebooted / just for one season'

NBC has been slowly unveiling its Heroes reboot for months now, and it's finally ready to get down to details. The network released its most substantive look to date at Heroes Reborn this afternoon, a minute-long clip featuring both new faces and fan favorites from the original series (like Masi Oka's beloved Hiro). It's an eerie, action-packed glimpse at a world largely rid of the presence of heroes. The mini-series is set to air on NBC starting September 24th.

Heroes Reborn was revealed during the Super Bowl in February with a 15-second teaser that included some serious aurora borealis manipulation. That clip featured new cast member Zachary Levi and original series star Jack Coleman, reprising his role as Noah Bennet (aka HRG). Series creator Tim Kring also confirmed his participation in the reboot. There's still a lot to learn about Heroes Reborn before its fall release, but it's nice to be reacquainted with the heroes' high-and-mighty rhetoric and supernatural skills.