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Sirius XM to pay record labels $210 million settlement over classic songs

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The satellite radio company was accused of using pre-1972 songs without paying royalties to the labels

Sirius XM has agreed to pay five record labels $210 million to settle a lawsuit that accused the satellite radio company of using songs released before 1972 without authorization and without paying royalties, according to Reuters.

Sirius XM can continue playing these songs through 2017

Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Capitol Records, and ABKCO Music & Records initially brought the lawsuit against Sirius XM back in September of 2013, alleging that Sirius XM didn't compensate artists like The Four Tops, Dionne Warwick, and Eric Burdon, who recorded and released songs before the 1972 federal copyright law went into effect. While the federal government may not have had a copyright law when these songs were released, California state law did, and that tilted the lawsuit in the record labels' favor.

As part of the settlement, the record labels will dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice, and Sirius XM will be allowed to continue playing those songs through 2017.