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Meerkat now lets you embed live streams

Meerkat now lets you embed live streams

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The ubiquity of Periscope be damned, Meerkat is still competing to be your favorite live-streaming mobile app. Just three days after Periscope added the ability to watch replays on the web, Meerkat has announced embeddable live streams. The new feature is available today.

Users can pick from three sizes, upload a cover image, and have the option to allow or disallow comments on the embeddable player. If you publish the player before a stream is live, it will either display information about your next scheduled Meerkat stream or — if you don't have one scheduled — show stats from your previous stream. New users with no streams to date will see the player display basic profile information.

Meerkat also announced a partnership with the Discovery Channel surrounding Shark Week, which starts July 5th. Discovery will help promote the new embed feature by using Meerkat to provide live commentary and behind-the-scenes looks at its programming.

Both apps keep regularly adding new features

Right now Periscope doesn't allow embedding, but it's hard to imagine that the team behind Twitter's live-streaming app will wait long to add similar functionality. The two apps have swapped places in the news cycle by announcing new features ever since Periscope flew past Meerkat's popularity and, if the competition wasn't so lopsided, you could probably call it an arms race.