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Rian Johnson uses the power of Darth Vader and Freddie Mercury to shut down a Twitter troll

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Today was a big day. The US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal nationwide, and most people were very happy about it. But whenever something groundbreaking happens, there will inevitably be a few loud-mouthed dissenters, and they often congregate in one place: Twitter. Today, director Rian Johnson had to deal with one of those trolls, and his response was as close to perfect as a wordless reaction can be.

First, Johnson, who's slated to write and direct Star Wars: Episode VIII, reacted to the Supreme Court's decision by tweeting an image of Darth Vader waving a rainbow pride flag. Then, Charley Davis, a man who describes himself in his Twitter bio as "The Fightin'est Illini, an Architect, a puppy wrangler, a walking paradoxical non-conforming populist, a hawkish man of peace" responded to Johnson with this:

Davis is apparently suggesting that the pale, wrinkled villain of the Star Wars universe would be upset by the Supreme Court's decision. But Johnson knew that the Emperor's apprentice, Darth Vader, has already made his stance on the matter quite clear.

Yes, that's Queen frontman and gay icon Freddie Mercury sitting on Darth Vader's shoulders. It's a real photo, taken by photographer Tom Callins while Queen was on tour in 1980. Question answered.