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Out now: IOM TT, a gorgeous documentary on the world's most dangerous motorcycle race

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The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is at once the strangest, the most beautiful, and the most wickedly dangerous motorcycle race on the planet. It takes lives almost every year; hundreds of racers have died since its inception in 1907.

Studio Kippenberger's IOM TT documentary seeks to capture all those facets of the race in a 20-minute video featuring interviews with competitors past and present, wicked race footage, and soaring shots from above the Isle's 37.7-mile course. It definitely doesn't look like it was cheap to make, which helps explain why it's not free: you'll pay $4.99 to buy it on Vimeo's on-demand streaming service. It's available now.

I've had a chance to watch IOM TT, and I'll say this: if the idea of slow-motion footage of superbikes taking on some of the TT's most dangerous curves and jumps is appealing to you, this is a video you don't want to miss. It's set to some fantastic music, and the riders — the insane people who navigate the TT year after year — tell some great stories along the way.