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The sad, somewhat dizzying life of an iPhone through its own eyes

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Think of all the things you do with your smartphone on any given day. You wake up and scroll through Twitter, you shove it into your pocket, you use its camera to make sure there's nothing on your face before a big date, you let it sit on the table as you eat dinner, you hold it up to your ear to make a phone call, and you take selfies. A lot of selfies. If you think about it, it's probably not that much fun to be a smartphone.

The video, created by New York-based artist Paul Trillo, highlights one day in the life of one iPhone, filmed from the phone's perspective. As expected, there's a lot of finger-tapping on the iPhone's face, dizzying views from around waist-high, and shots of the iPhone's owner from odd angles. At the end of the video, the iPhone is dropped. It falls. It cracks. Its vision blurs. This particular life of this particular smartphone has ended. But at least you got to watch it happen.