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Emotica Online lets you create your own emoji video game

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It seems emoji are taking over the world: people are ordering pizza with them, Chevy made a press release out of them, and, some day, we might replace our passwords with them. So how about an emoji video game? Thanks to game designers Anna AnthropyLeon Arnott, and Liz Ryerson we've got one, and it's called Emotica Online.

"Game" might not be quite the right word for it, however. Emotica plays like Pokémon Red — minus all that turn-based combat business. Your little character (you start off as a cat) just explores the wonderful world of emoji from a top-down view. You can chat with villagers and see what happens when you interact with (i.e. bump into) certain objects. Note: I've been told by a trusty Christmas tree that you should never listen to a fir.

emotica online

By default, Emotica has a pretty full world with cute little secrets to discover, but it's really just a jumping off point. The game is ready to be changed to your every desire — just select an emoji from the list on the left, program it to behave a certain way, and drop it into the world. In no time, you'll be able to make the emoji world of your dreams. You can even export and share your world with others, so they can explore your very own digital land of emoji.

Emotica Online was originally released for Windows last year, but it is now available for Mac and Linux, too. You can even play it straight in your browser if you so desire.

Correction: Added development credits for Leon Arnott, who co-designed Emotica, and Liz Ryerson, who was responsible for the game's audio.