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Apple plans to increase iTunes Match limit to 100,000 songs

Apple plans to increase iTunes Match limit to 100,000 songs

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There are lots of cool new features in iOS 9 — including a bunch that Apple hasn't even announced — and we've just found another to add to the list. iTunes Match subscribers will soon be able to store up to 100,000 songs in iCloud, up from the 25,000-song limit that's been in place since the service first launched in 2011.

The news was revealed by Apple executive Eddy Cue on Twitter in response to a number of questions about how the company's upcoming music streaming service, Apple Music, will integrate with iTunes Match. In addition to mentioning the new 100,000 song limit, which Apple plans to launch alongside iOS 9 later this year, Cue reiterated that all Apple Music subscriptions will essentially include iTunes Match.

Apple Music includes iTunes Match

As Apple's website explains, Apple Music will match and upload any songs you own so that you can access them anywhere, just like iTunes Match. That means that if there's any song or album you want to listen to that's not included in the Apple Music catalog, you can just buy it (from any source), upload it, and then listen to it in the same app, no matter which device you use.

The combination of Apple Music and iTunes Match — alongside the new 100,000 song limit — brings the company's offerings up to par with Google Play Music, which lets you upload up to 50,000 songs and stream from a large catalog of music as part of its subscription service. Google's music upload service is free, however — iTunes Match on its own continues to cost $24.99 per year.