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Facebook adds Snapchat-esque photo editing to its iOS app

Facebook adds Snapchat-esque photo editing to its iOS app

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It was reported that Facebook tried — and failed — to buy Snapchat for $3 billion in 2013, but since then, the world's biggest social network seems to have decided instead to simply adopt some of the app's best features. First it released Facebook Slingshot, a messaging app that let you annotate Snapchat-like images with colorful drawings and text, before sending them to friends. Now it's brought similar features to its iOS app, allowing users to add text, filters, and stickers to photos they upload to their Facebook profiles.

Facebook first combined stickers with photos in December 2014 with its dedicated Stickered app, before introducing them to its mobile apps' upload service earlier this year. The new update increases the number of options for users, allowing uploaders to add stickers obtained from Facebook's sticker store, apply filters, and write messages in colored text onto images before uploading them. A Facebook spokesperson told The Verge that the company was rolling out the features as "a new place to house photo-editing tools," accessed by pressing the new icon in the lower left-hand corner of your chosen photo.


The stickers, filters, and text options are now available to the vast majority of iPhone users, but Android device owners will have to wait a little longer. As Facebook has introduced similar features to Android and Apple devices at the same time in the past, the full range of photo-editing features are likely be open to users of Google's OS soon.