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Batman: Arkham Knight mod lets you play as Harley Quinn, Commissioner Gordon, Joker, and more

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Be anyone but the Batman

A mod that unlocks 10 new characters in Batman: Arkham Knight's open-world Gotham is welcome good news for a PC port mired in bad news. Last week, the game launched with features missing or working improperly. Publisher Warner Bros. has suspended sales of the game on Steam, but those who already own the new Batman will be able to try this mod.

I wrote earlier today about my love for characters not named Batman in the Batman universe, and I look forward to playing as some of Arkham's finest. Most of these characters have been playable in Batman games before, but they were limited to special stages or modes. This mod allows them to roam the world just like the caped crusader.

Here's the full list of playable characters:

Red Hood
Harley Quinn
Bruce Wayne
Commissioner Gordon
GCPD Officer Owens

As always, be careful when downloading something from an unknown source. In recent months, a popular mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 was found to carry a virus. If you'd still like to try the mod, here's the link.