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Listen to Diddy's hyperkinetic new single 'Finna Get Loose'

Listen to Diddy's hyperkinetic new single 'Finna Get Loose'


Decadent, dopey rapping and a beat that's bananas

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It's been a crazy week for Diddy: He was arrested for assaulting his son's UCLA football coach with a kettlebell. He led Bad Boy Records' mammoth 20th anniversary celebration (and fell flat on his face) at the BET Awards. Now, he's debuted a new single, a wicked and disjointed Pharrell Williams feature called "Finna Get Loose," as part of the party. It's the newest track cut from Diddy's upcoming album under his Puff Daddy moniker, MMM. The album will be his first solo full-length since 2010's impressive club-R&B odyssey Last Train to Paris.

The rapping is so-so, but the beat is bananas

There isn't much to recommend about the rapping on "Finna Get Loose," and that's fine. Diddy isn't renowned for his technique and lyrical ingenuity, and anyone looking for those qualities is perhaps missing the point. But the beat is monstrous, a smashed-together pancake of late '90s Bad Boy bombast and the cluttered, shouty rap-rock of Pharrell's N.E.R.D. You can tell that he and Diddy are having a ton of fun hooting and hollering over top of it. And according to Diddy's Twitter account, there's a little Apple Music connection here: he's promising exclusive studio footage from the making of "Finna Get Loose" when the service launches tomorrow.