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Logitech extends its 'artisan craftsmanship’ series with MX Anywhere 2 mouse

Logitech extends its 'artisan craftsmanship’ series with MX Anywhere 2 mouse

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Earlier this year, Logitech unveiled its MX Master Wireless Mouse with some excitable marketing emphasizing the device's artisan craftsmanship and hand-sculpted precision. Now, the company is bringing some of the Master's same design notes — without the accompanying fanfare — to a far less flashy device: the MX Anywhere 2.

The mobile version of a mouse is still a mouse

Logitech says the Anywhere 2 is the "mobile version" of the MX Master, and uses the same Darkfield laser sensor to track on any surface — including glass. It also gives customers the option of pairing to either Windows or Mac computers using the company's Unifying dongle or a standard Bluetooth connection. Pairing via Bluetooth allows users to connect with three devices at once, switching between them using a button located on the bottom of the mouse.

The bottom and side of the MX Anywhere 2.

In terms of looks, the Anywhere 2 is less aggressively contoured than the MX Master, with smoother sides and a more conventional, symmetrical look. It does have a similar, if smaller, thumb rest for right-handers adorned in some neat polygonal art as the MX Master, but drops the latter's extra scroll wheel in favor of a pair of buttons.

Like its bigger sibling it comes with a rechargeable internal battery, this one lasting up to two months at full charge and up to two hours after just a minute plugged in. The MX Anywhere 2 is set to retail for $79.99 — $20 cheaper than the MX Master. However, unlike the latter, there's no mention that the Anywhere 2 has been "hand-sculpted." For that you've got a shell out a little extra.