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Pocket is now the default read-it-later app in Firefox

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Pocket is one of the best browser extensions out there, but that's no longer the case on Firefox — because it's now part of the browser itself. Mozilla announced on Tuesday that Pocket will now come built into its browser, making it easy for people to start saving articles to read later on. It works pretty much the same as Pocket always has: it places a button beside the search bar, and clicking it will save whatever page you're on. Saved pages are still accessed through Pocket's website and apps, rather than being stored locally in the browser.

The button is removable, so anyone who doesn't want to use Pocket can just ignore it. But it could still be a big help for the small company, putting its service in front of a lot of new faces. It's hard to complain about Firefox's integration, either. Pocket really is incredibly useful, especially if you often find yourself without an internet connection. Just make sure that you clear articles out before your list gets too long.