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Vimeo now lets filmmakers offer monthly subscriptions to their videos

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Vimeo now allows filmmakers to offer monthly subscriptions to their videos, giving them a way to ensure recurring payments from their viewers. The subscriptions, which launched yesterday, all give unlimited access to an individual series for a monthly payment. That could get costly — Netflix, for instance, offers access to a huge library of content for $8.99 per month — but it's an option that publishers could appreciate. At the right price, some filmmakers should be able to get fans to pay each month to see their latest work.

Paid series on Vimeo don't have to offer subscriptions, and those offering subscriptions can still offer rentals and purchases — this is just another option. Vimeo also says that this is only the "first phase" of its subscription video offering, with an expansion planned for later this year. It's not clear exactly what that will be, but Vimeo does hint that it also plans to start offering another payment model soon: pay what you want. That's all good news for those publishing on the platform, as it offers a lot more flexibility in the way that they try to monetize their work.