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Audi designed a line of shoes with Toms, but you need to buy an Audi to get them

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Automakers and automotive designers have a tendency to dabble in decidedly non-automotive design projects. In fact, it's not even that hard to find a shoe with a Ferrari or BMW logo on it, but this is a new one: Audi partnered up with Toms to make a special shoe that you can only get if you buy or lease an Audi in the US this summer.

Toms is known for its charitable work, and this collaboration is no exception: the two companies will be giving away 55,000 pairs of children's shoes as part of the promotion. As for the shoe you get as a new Audi owner, it doesn't seem to be anything particularly special: it's gray over red, tastefully adorned with the Audi rings inside and out, with a unique red Toms logo embroidered on the back. From a distance, most people will think you're just wearing regular Toms — except for that ultra-exclusive club of drivers who will look at your feet, recognize exactly what you're wearing, then look up at you with a knowing wink and a tip of the hat.

Personally, I'm waiting for the Bentley-Crocs collaboration.

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