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Apple reportedly calls off plan to unveil new Apple TV at WWDC

Apple reportedly calls off plan to unveil new Apple TV at WWDC

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You're unlikely to see Apple's rumored internet TV service at Monday's WWDC keynote, and now The New York Times is reporting there won't be any new Apple TV hardware on display, either. In a report mostly focused on Apple Watch and Apple's plan to launch a proper SDK for its wearable, the Times reveals that Apple had initially aimed to unveil a new set-top box at its annual developers conference. In fact, that was still the plan "as recently as mid-May." The new Apple TV is said to come with an "improved" remote control and will finally allow Apple's developers to create apps for the television screen. But in the final run up to WWDC, Apple has apparently decided the product is not yet "ready for prime time" and scrapped the big reveal.

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Another problem is content. Apple's internet TV service, a competitor to Sling TV and other over-the-top services, is said to be far from completion. The company and content owners are still attempting to negotiate "price, rights and technology issues," but as Recode reported earlier this week, Apple just isn't there yet. Another challenge that's factored into the delay is Apple's desire to include live, local broadcast networks on a nationwide scale. The company's latest goal is to launch the internet TV offering later this year or in 2016. At that point, hopefully the new Apple TV box will be ready to go along with it.

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