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Amazon's one-hour delivery service is now available in central London

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Prime Now expands beyond the US

Amazon has launched its Prime Now one-hour delivery service in London, marking its first expansion outside of the US. The service, which first launched in New York late last year, promises one-hour delivery of "thousands" of items for a fee of £6.99 per delivery. Two-hour delivery between 8AM and midnight will be free. The service is limited to Amazon Prime members, and the minimum order for either Prime Now delivery option is £20. Prime Now is currently limited to central areas of London, though the company says it will expand to different postal codes .

The Prime Now app also allows users to track their courier's route in real time, and to tip them. When it first launched in 2014, Prime Now was described as a service for "daily essentials," though it has since branched out to include electronics and appliances. This year, Prime Now expanded to Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Dallas, and Miami. Londoners with an Amazon Prime account can access it through the Prime Now mobile app on iOS and Android.