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Pushbullet, the ultimate cross-platform app, is now a messenger as well

Pushbullet, the ultimate cross-platform app, is now a messenger as well

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The world doesn't need yet another messaging app. You already have WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and a litany of others to choose from, so anyone else trying to get involved in this field must have something unique to offer. Pushbullet is one such unique proposition. This multi-platform app already has a loyal following of fans who use it to "push" files, links, photos, and notifications across their devices and among friends. Like Apple's Continuity, Pushbullet allows you to send and receive SMS messages on your desktop computer without ever touching your phone.

On Android devices, Pushbullet also lets users communicate via WhatsApp and other popular messengers, and now the company has decided to fill the obvious void of providing its own chat capabilities as well. Sending a photo to a friend via Pushbullet is an impressively quick and easy task, but until now the app itself didn't offer its own facility to discuss the cuteness of the pet in said photo. Now that feature has been fleshed out as part of the biggest overhaul in Pushbullet's brief history.

Pushbullet helps your devices work better together, no matter who makes them

The new service still does all the things people love about it already — such as letting you copy a link on your PC and paste it into the browser on your phone — but it now has a clearer structure that delineates communications with friends, information from channels you follow, and stuff you only share among your devices. Available as an extension for the Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers, as well as an iOS, Android, and web app, Pushbullet is the very definition of a cross-platform app. The present update also includes the introduction of chat-heads to the Windows app, allowing your friends' grinning faces to hover above whatever else you have on your desktop — though there's no word on whether that will be coming to the Mac version, which will receive the update slightly later.

Pushbullet has been growing at a blistering pace and today's update underscores its ambition to be everywhere and connect pretty much everything. It's the same grand enterprise of making disparate devices talk to one another and work cohesively that Google, Microsoft, and Apple are all investigating and working on. Only it's not tied down to any one company or service, and it can actually help remove (rather than add) a few extra icons on your phone's home screen with its versatility and universality. Worth a try!

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