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Watch the first trailer for BoJack Horseman's boozy, bawdy second season

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The Netflix comedy is coming back on July 17th

BoJack Horseman's second season is set to premiere on July 17th, and Netflix has just released a trailer promoting the ribald animated comedy. The show is bringing back the same star-studded cast to populate its world of anthropomorphic animals and messed-up human pals, including Will Arnett's titular washed-up, misanthropic actor. BoJack has managed to drag his career far enough out of the gutter to land a glamorous starring role in a dream project, but he had to burn a few bridges to get there. He's now trying to turn his unexpected career revival into a platform for meaningful, lasting personal improvement. Based on the trailer, it's going to take more than some morning jogs and a few smoothies: BoJack's still boozing, smoking, and neglecting the rules of the road. We'll check in on his progress in a few weeks.