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Is this the future of Marvel Comics? More than 40 new covers reportedly leak

Is this the future of Marvel Comics? More than 40 new covers reportedly leak

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Marvel is tearing down its entire comic book universe with the current Secret Wars event. A purported leak of some 45 comic book covers might show us what remains after Secret Wars runs its course.

A good one-fourth of the 45 covers here are Spider-related — including a visibly pregnant Spider-Woman and Venom as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Notably absent? Any solo work for Marvel's Cinematic Tentpole Iron Man (although you do see him on the cover of Contest of Champions and the New Avengers), although we suspect this isn't the entirety of Marvel's post-Secret Wars plans. Warren Ellis is name checked as writer of Karnak #1, a new series based around the Inhumans character.

The new 45+

We can't confirm the authenticity of these covers; a lot of the information here lines up with what we already knew (e.g. A-Force, Spider-Man, The Totally Awesome Hulk, and Doctor Strange). Maybe there's a superfan out there — or a superfan collective — that decided to prank the internet with eerily accurate renditions of the various Marvel artists' styles. That said, it looks like Marvel is creating a lineup that appeals to both its movie fans as well as those that have been reading some of its the most recent issues. Also, there's Howard the Duck. (Update: As reader rvarg007 points out, this likely comes from All-New, All-Different Marvel Previews, a magazine for comic shop retailers that shows Marvel's upcoming lineup.)

The Secret Wars storyline is expected to end later this year. We've reached out to Marvel for comment.