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There is no easy way to move your playlists from Spotify to Apple Music

There is no easy way to move your playlists from Spotify to Apple Music


Clear your Saturday schedule — this may take some time

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Now that Apple Music has been unleashed on the world, you may be interested in giving it a try. If you’ve been using Spotify like most streaming music users do, moving your playlists to Apple Music is no easy task. In fact… it’s pretty much impossible, at least automatically. That’s right, there’s no simple way to bring your playlists from Spotify or any other streaming service (outside of Apple-owned Beats Music) to Apple Music.

Apple has shut off new signups for Beats Music

Apple hasn’t said whether it will release a tool to make the transition easier. There is a migration tool for importing your playlists and favorites from Beats Music to Apple Music. But if you’re thinking about transferring your playlists to Beats and then to Apple Music, that’s a no go for most people as well. Apple confirmed to The Verge that it has shut off new signups for the service, rendering workarounds touted by some in recent days obsolete for most users without a pre-existing Beats Music account.

You would think that Apple would have created its own tool for importing playlists — and it’s still possible that it could do that down the line — but Apple may be banking on its human and algorithmic curation to make up for the playlists users coming from other services are bound to lose. Apple does have a migration tool for users coming from Android to iOS, so another migration tool wouldn't be unprecedented. But that doesn't make it any less awful for the people who want to give Apple Music a try during the three-month free trial without building a completely new music library.

This leaves two choices for most people looking to switch to Apple Music. Open up a three-hour block and recreate your Spotify playlists on Apple Music by hand, or go all in with Apple Music’s musical selections for you and hope for a better experience. If you're coming from another music service, expect to spend a good amount of time cultivating your music experience with Apple Music, no matter which route you take.